Hey. I'm HeySora.

And it's a pleasure to meet you.

Here are a few projects I worked on.


NotITG is a rhythm game created by TaroNuke. It is a fork of the (now discontinued) OpenITG project.

NotITG is designed to make it easier for mod file creators to implement their ideas. Furthermore, it aims to preserve backward compatibility with all existing contents, while constantly adding new features.

I'm mainly working on online projects (online events, technical docs, upcoming projects...), but I'm also working on the game itself.

HTML CSS/SASS PHP Laravel C++ Lua OpenGL


UKSRTX is a rhythm game tournament, organized by TaroNuke and CosmicLAER. This event is held in London.

It occurs each year, around summer/autumn. This 10th edition of the UK Sight Reading Tournament happened in october 2019.

I worked on the website for this event. It was used as a place where announcements has been published. I also was in charge of recording footage of the event.


UHC Northstar

The UHC Northstar Epalinges is a swiss Unihockey team, mainly featuring young players.

I worked on their website for 2 years, and also helped them for their graphic identity.

I am still working for them, preparing a whole new website.


Celestial Harbor

Celestial Harbor is a project from Daikyi. It is a rhythm game tournament featuring a story with characters.

The particularity of this tournament is that people from everywhere could participate. Everything was handled online with a custom NotITG client (tailored for preventing any form of cheating), via a RESTful API.

I participated in this project by doing the entire server-side implementation, including sanity checks, user registration, score submission, etc. I also worked on the custom client.



Webby is originally a school project. It was meant to be used by unexperimented people into websites.

It's a software allowing people to create their own website from a blank page (as opposed to alternatives starting from a template, often lacking customisation). It supports responsive layouts as well as JavaScript interactions, without requiring any code to be written.

It's been done with Electron, so it's theorically a web application.

HTML CSS/SASS JavaScript Electron