i'm Sora!

i'm your fluffy wizard, i will crash everything i touch, and maybe nibble your cables as a treat.

i'm typically that one person providing counselling to computers unwilling to talk to each other. i design infrastructures from the ground up, and ensure they're built to last in the long term.

aside from my sysadmin activities, i'm also a full-stack web developer, mostly leaning towards creative experiences (such as this site). UI/UX are as important to me as swiftness and efficiency.

i also provide insightful QA, localize UIs and dialogues between English and French, and can occasionally take beautiful pictures. additionally, i do game development as well.

my biggest impact so far is NotITG, a game i've been working on for the past few years. it's been featured in the Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 charity event, succesfully raising over $280,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


7th Beat Games is an indie video game studio, working on rhythm games such as Rhythm Doctor and A Dance of Fire and Ice.

i've helped them revamp their internal workflows and platforms to make development and management more efficient and painless, while also having assisted porting their games to Linux, translating the stories and UI elements to French, and catching a ton of bugs.

Linux System Administration Full-Stack Web Development Video Game Localization UI Design UX Design Quality Assurance Unity Engine Linux Desktop Development

NotITG is a rhythm game (engine) whose focus is to let content creators build anything they want. Thousands of different experiences have been made by hundreds of content creators, and the game has been featured many times at charity events.

While I have made several contributions to the game's source, I also built experiences with it; but more importantly, I have been co-organising various online tournaments for it, managing the entire network infrastructure, API interactions, and netcode + tamper-proofing measures.

Linux System Administration Full-Stack Web Development Quality Assurance C++ Development API Design

Sightstep is a light yet powerful remake of DDR inside VRChat. it allows real-time online multiplayer across the world, meaning you can play songs with your friends and see how you compare to each other while dancing. No setup is required, and you can play with your hands or your feet.

i mostly worked on the engine behind that world, ensuring compatibility with all clients and headsets, as well as preventing any timing or performance issues from occuring.

VR Development UX Design Unity Engine Quality Assurance C# Development

i've been regularly streaming on Twitch for a while now. i made an entire setup for it using nothing but web technologies.

it includes the stream overlay (with custom dynamic audio-reactive elements), but also a control page that allows me to re-read the last events (followers, or viewer requests) as well as controlling my OBS program from a separate computer, being physically next to me when i stream dance games.

you can see it in action in this Twitch clip (forgive the silly mic) and in this video (showcasing the preparation / waiting screen).

Full-Stack Web Development UI Design Audio visualisations

reach out

i always try my best replying within the same day, through any of the linked socials above.

in the event that i do not send you a reply, please allow 2-3 days before sending me a new message. thank you for your understanding!

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